Sunday, October 12th

  • Registration Open

  • Cox Automotive brunch and panel presentation – Working Together to Shape the Future

  • Welcome to the 6th Annual DrivingSales Executive Summit


  • DSES Kickoff

    DrivingSales Founder, Jared Hamilton, kicks things off with some background about the Executive Summit, a brief look at the industry, and what attendees can expect from their DrivingSales time in Las Vegas.

  • Data Analytics: What Effective Dealership Leaders Should Know About Data Science

    Many executives think big data and analytics is best left to vendors and specialists in their organization, but doing so can lead to misinterpretations and mistaken decisions. Professor Zettelmeyer will explain why it’s essential for smart executives to learn and know the data analytics of their dealership.

  • DrivingSales Best Idea Competition

    The DrivingSales Best Idea Contest is designed to uncover The Most Innovative Dealership Strategy of 2014. Finalists will be announced in August, so stay tuned!

  • Afternoon Break

  • Breakout Sessions
    • Shaun RainesTom White Jr

      When Everyone Is Special… No One Is: Identify True and False Brand Identity and Learn How to Exceed Consumer Expectations with Modern Marketing StrategiesShaun Raines, Vice President of Marketing at DealerOn
      Tom White Jr, General Manager of Subaru of Witchita

    • Les Abrams

      Financial Statement Validation of Your Digital Marketing Efforts: Showcasing newly released NADA Digital Marketing insights that make a financial differenceLes Abrams, Instructor for NADA

    • Adam Flegge

      Modern Dialogue: An Inside Look at Dealership Texting Strategies Adam Flegge, Technology Marketing Evangelist at Contact At Once!

    • Tim Mclain

      Success Stories in Search Remarketing & Advanced Mobile Search for Progressive Dealers Tim Mclain, Sr. Marketing Manager of Netsertive

    • Allyn Hane

      Blurring the Lines Between Social and SEO Allyn Hane, Vice President of Digital Strategy at Launch Digital

    • Cameron Darby

      Dealer Operations on CRM Integration and Rollout Cameron Darby, COO at DealerSocket

  • Fireside Chat

  • Opening Keynote: Build Better Customer Relationships in 2017 by Embracing Innovation and Technology

    Brian will offer attendees a choice: Be disrupted by technology and lose sales…or Be the ‘Disrupter!’ and drive sales. He will forecast innovations in our future and hone in on how dealers can embrace, rather than race, and give your store the upper hand in the marketplace.

  • Reception and Brian Solis Book Signing

Monday, October 13th

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  • Breakfast

  • Welcome to DAY TWO of the 6th Annual DSES


  • Capture Connected Consumers and Take Control of your Sales Funnel

    Mike will share big-picture perspective on how the demands of today’s consumers are changing the face of auto shopping. He will provide insights that show how you can take control of the sales funnel at your store.

  • Rotation Break

  • Breakout Sessions
    • Jeremy Anspach - PureCars

      How to Maximize Inventory Conversion from Search to Showroom: Understand the crucial importance of ad relevancy, landing page relevancy, and click-through ratesJeremy Anspach, Co-Founder, CEO of PureCars

    • Bobbie HerronBryan Armstrong

      To BDC or Not to BDC – A Case Study Comparison: A deep dive into effective management styles, processes and structure options for your storeBobbie Herron, Digital Sales and Marketing Manager for Garber Automotive
      Bryan Armstrong, e-Commerce Director at VW Southtowne

    • Jeff Kershner

      Using Tablets to Increase Customer Confidence Jeff Kershner, Founder of DealerRefresh

    • Luis Bonilla

      The Emergence of Semantic Search and Its Impact On Dealers Luis Bonilla, Director of Digital Marketing at DrivingSales

    • Paul Wagner - CloudEngage

      Location Is Everything. So Why Doesn’t Your Website Know This? Learn how your website can use a viewer’s location to dynamically change messaging and targeting Paul Wagner, CEO of CloudEngage

    • JD Rucker

      Going Small: How to Make Hyper-Targeting Your Social Media Secret Weapon Using Data and Messaging to Achieve SuccessJD Rucker, Founder of Dealer Authority

  • Morning Break

  • Fireside Chat

    DrivingSales Founder, Jared Hamilton, sits down with CDK Global (formerly ADP Cobalt)

  • Marketing in a Digital World

    As Director of product marketing for the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adam Justis strives to help make effective marketing strategies and today’s digital marketing technologies accessible and understandable for companies committed to providing their customers relevant and meaningful digital experiences. Prior to Adobe and Omniture, Adam led the product marketing and monetization efforts for online video advertising within the Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions group. Before joining Microsoft, Adam was a Group Account Director and Interactive Strategist for Euro RSCG where he led online strategy, oversaw website development and campaign management for multiple F500 companies.

  • Rescuing Service Profits Through Trust and Price Transparency

    As the winner of the 2014 Most Valuable Insight Competition held at this year’s DrivingSales Presidents Club in New York, Jack Simmons will expound upon his presentation and elaborate on the research data surrounding profits and transparency.

  • Lunch

  • DrivingSales Innovation Cup Contest

    The Innovation Cup contest uncovers the Most Innovative Solution of the Year. Finalists will be announced in August, so stay tuned!

  • Prepare your Dealership for the Next Chapter in Automotive Retailing: Competing on Customer Experience

    DrivingSales Founder, Jared Hamilton will share a preview of findings from proprietary DrivingSales research on customer experience and car buying

  • Afternoon Break

  • Breakout Sessions
    • Eric Miltsch

      How Wearable Tech Will Change The Way Dealers Market and Connect With Their CustomersEric Miltsch, President of Command Z Automotive Consulting

    • David Spisak

      Understanding The Power and Danger of Data in Your Dealership: How to manage, control, clean and secure your DMS data David Spisak, President & Chairman, ReverseRisk

    • Mike Martinez

      Smartphones Are Changing The Purchase Game: How to immediately put mobile at the top of your digital strategyMike Martinez, Chief Marketing Officer at DMEautomotive

    • Brian Pasch

      Web Presence Management: The Future of SEO-De-compartmentalize your digital marketing strategy to create a comprehensive online message via search, social, and video Brian Pasch, CEO of PCG Consulting

    • Jon Quade

      Website Content that Connects with Shoppers: Discover how to design your digital look and feel to drive engagementJon Quade, Performance Improvement Consultant for Cobalt

    • Megan BartoMegan Barto

      Dealership Culture and it’s Effects on Long-Term Sustained Profitability Andy Guelcher, General Manager – Ciocca Honda & Ciocca Hyundai, Lebanon, PA
      Megan Barto, Marketing Director – Ciocca Honda & Ciocca Hyundai, Lebanon, PA

  • Rotation Break

  • Breakout Sessions
    • Blake Powell

      Facebook Is Not Dead: How I Learned To Stop Posting CRAP and Embrace the ShareBlake Powell, ISM at Chevyland

    • Jerry Thibeau

      The Phone is Your Future! A deep dive into the problems and the solutions needed to boost profits over the phone Jerry Thibeau, CEO of Phone Ninjas

    • Ben Anderson

      The Showrooming Customer: Mobile Strategies to Combat the Effects of Showrooming at Your Dealership Ben Anderson, President of AutoMotion Dealer App

    • Mario Clementoni

      Internet 20 Group “Tried and True” Digital Best Practices Mario Clementoni, NADA Dealership Management Consultant

    • Joe Chura

      5 Website Optimization Steps to Supercharge Your Marketing and Blow Past Your CompetitionJoe Chura, CEO of Dealer Inspire/Launch Digital Marketing

    • Elise Kephart

      Embedding Social Media into your Sales Process: Tips from a Veteran to Help Your Team SucceedElise Kephart, YouTube Diva at Phone Ninjas

  • Rotation Break

  • Cracking the SEO Code for 2015: Tactics to Love vs. Leave

    Rand will share aggressive, advanced and untapped inbound traffic-driving marketing strategies and keep dealer ahead of the ever-changing SEO game. Dealers will learn tactics which can be immediately implemented and use in their marketing plans in 2015 to increase showroom and website traffic.

  • Reception

  • After Party

    After party will be held at The Bank Nightclub at the Bellagio

Tuesday, October 14th

  • Registration Open

  • Breakfast

  • Welcome to DAY THREE of the 6th Annual DSES


  • Award Ceremony

  • The 4th Annual Digital Media Debate


  • Morning Break

  • Breakout Sessions
    • Christian Salazar - DealerFire

      The Online Profitability Trifecta- Branding, Content and Website Presence: How are your customers finding your online dealership and how do they end up buying a car from you?Christian Salazar, National Sales Director, DealerFire

    • Hwei-Lin Oetken - KBB

      Battle of the Sexes: Understanding the Differences Between Men and Women Car Shoppers Hwei-Lin Oetken, VP, Market Intelligence at Kelley Blue Book

    • David Kain

      The Activity Habit and Why Having It Ensures Remarkable Internet Success: Understanding what elements each team member can focus to drive remarkable customer connectionsDavid Kain, President of Kain Automotive

    • Jason Stum

      Blog To The Future: Take advantage of your website to differentiate yourselves from the competition Jason Stum, Digital Marketing Manager of LaFontaine Automotive Group

    • Greg Wells

      The Three Channels of a Profitable Service BDC: An in depth study of the inbound, outbound and marketing channels that work together to create immediate profit Greg Wells, President of AllCall Automotive Contact Centers

    • Aaron Wirtz

      From Shame to Fame: A Viral Phenomenon Examined – Learn firsthand how Subaru of Wichita transformed a potential PR nightmare into a viral marketing winAaron Wirtz, Media & Marketing Manager of Subaru of Wichita

  • Rotation Break

  • Creating Legendary Dealership Brands: A Business Process to Align Metrics, Customer Experience and Profit

    Dealers, managers and marketers will discover how to reconcile the creative process to data analysis; aligning metrics with previously hard-to-measure marketing, sales, and customer service processes to deliver quick and tangible results to boost your bottom line.

  • Closing Remarks

  • Conference Closes

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