About The DrivingSales Executive Summit

Once per year at the start of the fourth quarter, the most progressive dealers gather to collaborate on the most innovative trends and formulate their business plans for the following year. Each year the attendees are invigorated with profit-building strategies and leave prepared with actionable goals to increase their success.

Embrace Innovation

What makes the DrivingSales Executive Summit so different?

  • Created Specifically for Dealer Executives
    The event is curated with Dealers, GMs and high-level decision-makers in mind.
  • Focus on Advanced Dealership Strategies
    This is not an event for beginners.
  • Fresh Content
    Not the same agenda you see everywhere. DSES is known for world-renowned leaders and groundbreaking research.
  • Dealer Designed
    Vendors don’t dictate the agenda; dealers do.
  • Outside Industry Experts
    Many challenges inside our industry have been solved outside it. We bring those solutions to Dealers.

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